Hypnotherapy and its Benefits

If you are feeling “out of sync” brought on by the stress of our modern day lives and family concerns, then hypnotherapy will help modify your behaviour, emotions and attitudes to that problem, allowing you to heal and feel back in control.  It will also help with dysfunctional habits, pain management, low self esteem, phobias and many others.


If you are stressed, anxious, suffering from insomnia or some other long standing personal problem, then hypnotherapy will gently guide you back to the feeling that you are leading the life you would like to lead.

What Happens in a Hypnotherapy Session?

After a telephone or email consultation, so that I can assess your needs, your first appointment will include a hypnotherapy session. You will be guided into a deep state of relaxation, allowing you to drift into a different state of consciousness, so allowing beneficial corrections to be given directly to your subconscious mind.


At no time can a client be conditioned against their will. Suggestions can be rejected, even in a hypnotised state, but for hypnotherapy to be beneficial there must be trust and co-operation between client and therapist.


If hypnotherapy is required for a long standing fear or phobia, then a personal program will be put together for your initial appointment which will be followed by two or  more appointments as deemed necessary. You will also be given a cd to listen to at home between appointments.


However, if your needs are more general, i.e. insomnia, stress or lack of confidence, after an initial session you will be given a cd of two relaxation programs to listen to at home. These are based on a very light level of hypnosis and designed to be used safely, without a therapist being present, which often means a second appointment will not be necessary.


A session last around 2 hours and depending on the severity of a problem, clients can be helped greatly in the interim by using the home program CD before deciding if another appointment is necessary.


£45 -  includes consultation, personal program if appropriate and CD

£35 – for subsequent sessions to complete the course of treatment.

Hypnotherapy in Medway, Maidstone, Mid and North Kent