Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression takes you back through many lifetimes to discover who you were, where you lived and with whom you shared a past life and also provides healing from past life traumas. This therapy is a gentle form of hypnosis that ‘takes you back in time’.  It provides a link to your subconscious mind to remember and tell its’ story or to help unblock the cause of a recurring problem, allowing healing to take place.

How can Past Life Therapy / Regression help?

Past Life Therapy can be used when a strong fear or phobia is present in your life now.  A childhood trauma may have been so deeply buried in your mind that it has created a problem in your adult life. Through hypnosis the root cause can be found and brought to the surface enabling healing to take place.


Past Life Regression is a fascinating journey that produces names, dates and places which, in some cases, can be researched by you, via the Internet or through genealogy, to provide more information if you so wish.


Most people have a natural interest or curiosity to see who they were in a past life, regression helps to unravel the mystery of people and places that you feel instantly drawn to or instantly dislike, as the case may be, in your present life.


For example, family members can reincarnate with you in various lifetimes but play out different roles.  Knowing who is who, can help resolve issues you may have with them now or explain why and how you interacted with them in the past.


£45 -  please allow around 2 hours for your appointment.   

What happens to me during Past Life Regression?

After the initial consultation to establish why you wish to be regressed, I will help you to relax into a mild hypnotic state through words and music. You will be in control at all times and when ready for the next part of your regression I will help you take an unforgettable journey, either to heal your present past or to travel back in time, to experience a fascinating glimpse into one of your past lives.   


There will be a discussion at the end of your regression to see how recalling past memories may have helped you therapeutically to accept your present circumstances in a more positive direction.


You can book as many sessions as you wish, as most people are evolved souls and have lived many lives, but please leave at least three months between appointments for long lost memories to surface and be healed.

Past Life Regression in Medway, Maidstone, Mid and North Kent